An important part of Earth’s natural sources comprised by plants. Countries released this truth performed studies deeply rooted to determine, utilize and hold these sources harmless. A part of these studies are done by establishing  botanical gardens and herbariums. Turkey is one of the leading country in terms of plant diversity and has conservational priority. Building a botanical garden and herbarium is decided in Aegean University Faculty of Science to promote this diversity and contribute to research and education activities.

1970 Ege Ü. Botanik Bahçesi

Botanical Garden and Herbarium Center firstly established in Faculty of Science under the leadership of head of the Chair of General Botany Prof. Dr. Yusuf Vardar, with the technical contributions of first chief of garden, agricultural technician Nevzat Ersoy and with the opinions of head of Chair of Systematic Botany Assoc. Prof. Dr. Necmettin Zeybek under the 14.12.1962 dated 29/11 numbered decision of Board of Professors of Faculty of Science with the approval of University Senate on the sanction of State Planning Organization’s approved principles.

Prof. Dr. Yusuf VARDAR ve Prof. Dr. Necmettin ZEYBEK

A balcony of main building including chairs area remained from the then Bornova Region Agriculture School covered with glass and turned into mini greenhouse and the first seed catalog shared with world. The plans of today’s Botany Garden and Herbarium Center has been prepared with the support of the then Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Uluöz. 

Mayıs 1964 ilk botanik bahçesi (Erkuter Leblebici arşivi)

Ege Ü. Botanik Bahçesi Krokisi (1965)

Herbarium and Botany Garden Administrative Building is finished in 1966 and come into use. In ensuing years, establishment progressed rapidly and become well known in country with the technical guidance of Garden chief specialist Hüsnü Sabah and advanced to “Institution” status and assigned 2 professors, 3 associated professors, 6 assistant, 4 researcher positions  in accordance with the law no. 

1964 ilk herbaryum koleksiyonu oluşturma çalışmları (Erkuter Leblebici koleksiyonu)

Ege Ü. Botanik Bahçesi seraları kuruluş aşaması

2010. Prof. Dr. Necmettin Zeybek was the first assigned as manager. After the transfer of Prof. Dr. Necmettin Zeybek to Pharmaceutics Faculty, Prof.Dr. Bilkan ÖZÖRGÜCÜ assigned as manager to Institution. Establishment continued to work under Science Faculty Botany Department after shutting down with the law no. 41 effectuated in 1982. Establishment continue to it’s studies with the name of “Botanical Garden and Herbarium Application Center” directly under the rectorship with the suggestion of Biology Department, 09.09.1997 dated - 15/16 numbered decision of senate of Aegean University and 11.11.1997 dated approval of CoHE.

Prof.Dr.Özcan SEÇMEN, Prof.Dr.Avni GÜVEN, Prof.Dr. Yusuf GEMİCİ, Prof.Dr. Güven GÖRK have acted as founder members in establishing period.

Center Manager assignment is carried out by Ass.Prof.Serdar Gökhan ŞENOL and with Ass.Prof.Hasan YILDIRIM and Ass.Prof.Aylin EŞİZ DEREBOYLU board of the center carries on it’s studies.   

Ege Ü. Botanik Bahçesi seraları 2010

Ege Ü. Botanik Bahçesi seraları 2012